Slow Fashion Season

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It’s been a long time since I wrote the last blog. Sorry for that. But it is really nice to return back to writing for you. Let’s talk about an initiative taken by many to help save the environment by doing their part in a unique way, i.e. by reducing their fashion footprint.

For years humans have been selfishly exploiting the environment without giving a single thought about how it would negatively affect everything around them. We’ve been cutting down forests for building homes, furniture, mining mindlessly all the land for fossil fuels to run our inventions and for comfort of living, ruthlessly hunting down animals for decor and fashion and so on. We didn’t even stop when our fellow humans told us that it wasn’t right, didn’t stop even when these practices and excess of them were declared illegal by our own governments. We still haven’t. Humans aren’t half as good as other animals if we think of it the right way. They don’t use the gifts of nature, against the nature. We’ve forgotten how to be human along this way of continuous exploitation. And that is why we have reached this day where thousands of us stand fighting the authorities to declare a state of “Climate Emergency”, to take immediate steps towards protecting whatever we’re left with of the environment. To be honest, this too is for selfish reasons, as it’s now that we’ve realised how hurting the environment is gonna hurt us back that we’ve finally decided to stand for it. But at least we’re doing the right thing this time.

The main question I need you to ask yourselves is, “Whether only after the same government that delays everything, declares climate emergency, is when we will start doing our bit in protecting the environment ?”

I believe most of you will reply in negative.
So what can we do to protect the environment ? How can we start now ?

I’m here to tell you that it can be easy and satisfying to do your bit. We can start today by deciding to reduce our fashion footprint on the Earth. About a couple of weeks ago, I was randomly scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across this page named @slowfashionseason. It had a very catchy post saying “3 months, 10,000 people, no new clothes.” This caught my eye because of two reasons. One, that it could lead the way to new and creative ways of dressing up. Lesser options meaning more creativity. And truth be told, there are many more options in our closets, especially when we look hard enough. Anyway, mix and match is always a fun way to play dress-up.

Second, I’ve always thought how so many people, specially celebrities are criticised for wearing same clothes even twice. It was this one time Bollywood news channels went all crazy about an actress wearing the same dress though in different colours to three different events. They also create a scene and talk about how two actresses could have worn the same dress. All this clearly indicates towards how the fashion industry is more keen on making different kinds of clothes and accessories, spending so much on them and then on wearing them just once. It doesn’t only effect the people working in the industry but in fact, all the people who watch them, idealise them, or even the people who just love to dress up. It’s no rare sight that people frown upon you if they see you wearing the same dress more than once, especially to occasions, say parties and family functions and even if you wear the same pair of clothing many a times to college or work, gossiping about how you don’t have enough clothes. This is something almost all of us have experienced at some part of our lives, be it from either of the two sides- the ones judging or the ones being judged. We remember less of a person and more of his, hers or their clothes.

All this clearly indicates how we all leave a bigger fashion footprint than what we can imagine including all our direct and indirect involvement in it. So what this page I saw was trying to do was getting 10,000people or more to pledge not to buy new clothes for at least 3 months, and inspire other people to do so to by practising what we preach. This would help people not only to reduce their fashion footprint but also to realise and utilise the gems that they’ve locked upon their wardrobe closet. It is such a creative way to reduce fashion footprints by encouraging and increasing fashion. For fashion is not in buying and making new clothes but to put together what we have in creative ways. If we think of it that is what most fashion designers do. If in a competition, 5 of them is given a same dupatta, they’ll put their creativity on how to drape or carry it in a special way to make it different from the other 4. This is what we have to do in slow fashion season. We’ve to take our dupatta and wear it in 5 different ways. Believe me, wearing 5 different dupattas won’t make you as fashionable as wearing the same one in five different ways!

As I told you earlier, it is really easy and very fun to do so! And what’s better than having both, your fun and the benefits to environment at the same time? Right!
As we all know that just 3 months and 10-14 thousand people are just not enough at this time of climate emergency. It has to be all of us, TOGETHER.
So why not all of us follow the Slow Fashion Season Movement all the time?
No, I’m not asking of you to never buy new clothes in future, but to buy diligently and cautiously, the things you really need and can pair up with other pieces of clothing you already own and not hesitate in wearing the same clothes several times. In fact I need all of you to be proud of yourselves for acting in the interest of the environment. You can even swap your clothes with friends and cousins once you’re bored of them and organise swap parties to do so!!
Please spread awareness about this among your friends and family.
And surprise! Even celebrities have agreed to contribute towards it! So FAM ❤ , who all are ready to make a fashion and environment statement ?!

I hope you liked the post. Comment down your ideas to contribute to the “Slow Fashion Always” movement. I’m waiting to hear you out!!
Also tell me what would you like my next post to be about?

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Let’s create magic together! 

Love, Hope and Light to all

Nomita Rana


Hello to you!!

First of all, thank you for reading this blog of mine. I heartily invite you to my world and would love if you find it worthy enough to stay.

I ask you to stay and ride along with me in this journey*- of finding the meaning, purpose and adventures of life and everything else in different and creative ways. 

I hope that you’re coming along.

*So let’s discuss the terms and the direction in which I hope the journey goes. Shall we?

I promise to do my best at creating magic through this blog. And as we all know that magic comes at a price, let me tell you the terms and conditions on which the magic I promise would be created. 

1. I will write down my thoughts that enter my mind and will make sure that they get typed before they leave it, to minimise my chances of  forgetting them.

2. Then I’ll try my best to put the similar ones together in a way that they make sense. Although I don’t promise that they will.

3. This will give us all a thought, a framework or a direction to proceed in.

4. From here I require you to start thinking on it and share what you think of the blog and its topic with me.

5. After I read your comments , thoughts and ideas, I will post a subsequent blog if need be. And the discussion can continue further. 

6. I also request you to comment in the comments section given below the blog as on what topics you want me to write or have a discussion. I will try to cover them in subsequent blogs as well.

My Expectations

I expect that by conversing with you, I will be able to know which of my thoughts most or any of you can relate to, and vice-versa. It may also be that we do not relate much to each-others ideas, but even that will help us in wandering through all our diverse and unified minds. Thus, leading us all towards discovering and developing the initial ideas into something new and interesting. 

I hope that this blog which I’m writing today sitting alone, will grow into a larger community one day. A place where everyone can talk freely about different ideas on almost any topic. Hope to hear from you in abundance in comments, or on any of the other social media accounts you feel to opt for sharing your ideas with me.

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New blog will be out soon!

Let’s create magic together! 

Love, Hope and Light to all

Nomita Rana